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Data Center

The House, The Data Center, and The Tower. Three typologically different architectural projects joined through a cohesive aesthetic technique and method of construction which favors the Flat, the Thin, and the representationally Super Graphic. This project works and operates through the surface. It is representationally drawn on a graphic 2-D plane and only gains three dimensional status once modeled. This creates a linear relationship between the representational drawing and the model photograph. The model is itself a drawing, and the unfolded developable surface drawing is a model waiting to happen.



This project aims to simultaneously be faithful to a flattened representation while at the same time wanting to escape its aesthetic implications. Depth, or the perception of it, is present throughout the three typological scenes. Projected shadows and separated detached elevations cast for a weakened thinness evoking something thicker than reality. The model making aesthetic utilizes tape to provoke this separation of surfaces while at the same time remaining paper thin.