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At its current state, the showroom acts as a still life. An artificial environment composed to depict idealistic domestic scenes, the showroom in its idle state performs a top a stage. Spot lit and price ticketed with ushers to guide you to your seat, the “Show” must go on!


The objects casted within this set all work towards a cohesive flattened and smoothened representational reading. Furniture pieces are staged in relationship with one another creating individual miniature scenes within the larger context of the room. Some examples include the seamless striped relationship between the mattress





and the bed frame, the continuation between desk and drawers, and the mirrored relationship between the nightstand table leg and the bed frame legs.


The centered room may be the featured “star,” but it would not be the case if it weren’t for the context in which it sat. Adjacent on stage left and stage right live the mundanities of consumerism. Out of date, well in stock, and probably in liquidation prices, the show on stage right is hopeful that a corduroy revival is on the horizon, while stage left offers access to the backstage.