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Snap, Crackle, POP
This country is shaped by boxes. From the ballot box to get in office to the gift boxes of a capitalistic society - there is little separation from the National Mall of Washington D.C. to those of America pumping out Aeropostale ripped jeans and Auntie Anne’s salted pretzels. This projects positions the symbolism of the box as a catalyst for a patriotic identity. A presidential library proposal for America’s pop, George Washington, this project borrows its scheme from a democratic palate. A reflection of John’s flag the project’s representational constraints are in red, white and blue dotted and striped.




These boxes are shaped by each other. Arranged as a series of autonomous spaces, these programmatic enclosures are contained and framed by their neighboring boxes. Stacked, layered, and perceivably unstable these formal parts must rely on each other to form an institutional whole. The box has been scaled to its proportional importance in a democratic society. Scaled so that those who visit are engulfed by the presence of the presents.